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Galala Hospital

Educational general hospital 400 beds, It's constructed using a high technology, updated with the latest methods. Hospital contains medical departments like OPD, Imaging suite, Labs, Emergency, Surgery and Delivery department.

It also contains Cath labs, Endoscopy, CCU, ICU, PICU, NICU units, Renal dialysis and oncology department (Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy).

It also has a rehibition center.
Services in hospital are central kitchen, CCSD, Laundry, Morgue, Medical Wastes Treatment, Central Pharmacy,  Stores and Workshops.

Inpatients unites are singles double and suite rooms.

Hospital has a helipad on its top.

Client : Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces
Site Area : 95000 M²
Location : El-Galala City
Year : 2020